Stone Gods – Silver Spoons & Broken Bones

ARTIST: Stone Gods 220px-Silver_Spoons_&_Broken_Bones_albums_cover
TITLE: Silver Spoons & Broken Bones
SINGLES: Burn the Witch (#2 UK Rock, #6 UK Indie), Knight of the Living Dead, Don’t Drink the Water (#2 UK rock, #10 UK Indie), Start of Something
LINEUP: Richie Edwards, Dan Hawkins, Toby MacFarlaine, Ed Graham
WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: What happened when the Darkness imploded? Three of ‘em wound up here – and then broke this band up when the Darkness got back together.

SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: As you all remember, the best thing about the Darkness was Justin Hawkins’ outrageous vocals, lyrics and persona. The rest of the band played just rather generic, but decent, 70’s influenced arena rock. Good riffs and all that, but kind of a dime-a-dozen.

So, when the Darkness went kaputsky, the other guys grabbed a bass player, moved the Darkness’ bass player to singer and rhythm guitar, and went on with it for a while.

Like you’d suspect, this is passable arena rock. Nothing groundbreaking. Some cuts are better than others – the back half of the record drags a bit and you wonder why they released a couple of those as singles. Edwards, who moved to singer, can’t carry a full album without you hoping he gets a spray of Chloraceptic or something.

I admire their pluck for moving on and recording something that’s not horrible and has some decent cuts. Of course, when Justin Hawkins wanted to get the Darkness back together, this band went *poof*.

NOTES & MINUTIAE: They had recorded a second album that has been left in the can since the Darkness re-formed. Will it see the light of day? Will anyone care, since it’s been six years since it was put to tape?


GRADE: C+: It’s not bad – a couple of cuts really rock it. But a couple three are exiled and really it becomes kind of a drag at the end. Edwards should stick to his role in the Darkness.


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