King’s X – Gretchen Goes to Nebraska

ARTIST: King’s X 220px-King's_X_Gretchen_Goes_to_Nebraska

TITLE:  Gretchen Goes to Nebraska



SINGLES: Over My Head, Summerland

OTHER SONGS YOU MAY KNOW: I am fascinated why King’s X never got airplay.

LINEUP: Doug Pinnick, Ty Tabor, Jerry Gaskill.

WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: Metal trio’s second album is a successful record and combines serious chops, poignant themes and interesting song structures.

SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: The spiritual side of King’s X comes front and center with this fantastic album. The hooks of songs like “Over My Head” help give their message a platform that all music lovers can appreciate. The beauty of “Pleiades” gives that song a poignancy past its lyrics.

Even though King’s X was ostensibly a Christian-oriented band, they were not above criticizing the religious in “Mission”, and in other places they question religion’s place in society.

Musically, it’s challenging as King’s X isn’t just content with power chords and burning solos. They’re lumped into metal, but there’s a beauty and artistry, a soft and delicate touch not found so much in the then popular hair-metal. It’s a brainy record that you can also air guitar to.

NOTES & MINUTIAE: The album title was given to the band by a roadie as a joke when they were talking about preposterous album titles.


GRADE: A: A powerful, gorgeous record.


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