So What’s It All About?

Hey there! My name is Scott Fendley, and I’m a music junkie! I’ve gone through many format changes in my life as music as grown and changed, and now, I’m firmly on the streaming bandwagon. I moved over to Apple Music when Google Play went belly up, and I have Amazon Music to fill in spaces that Apple doesn’t have. I’ve also had Tidal and Spotify Premium in the past, and my thoughts about You Tube Music need to be censored.

I realized that due to past poor and hasty decisions, that I didn’t have complete albums. I also didn’t have some of the records by artists I really like. Also, I didn’t really have a chance to explore some artists and genres because, well, I’d have to pay for them, or borrow them from the library. And now, it’d be an expensive inter-library loan,

Now with streaming, and a $10 a month, I can access everything I want. Well, almost everything. Everything that’s streaming on Apple (and some on Amazon – there are a few things on that service not on Applr).  I want to build the best library, and the best way is to listen to each album, review it, and then decide if it’s a keeper or it’s EXILED. Why?

The magic number now is 100,000. That’s right: 100,000 songs in my Apple Library until they expand the number. While that seems to be a large number, it’s not for me. So much stuff that I want to try, and yet can’t just plop in my catalog.

So…the goal is the best and most interesting 100,000.

Mind you, it wasn’t until the mid-60’s that most everyone built albums as an artistic statement, and for some genres I may truly want to dabble in singles or compilations first before unleashing myself on whole albums. I’m going to reserve the right to gloss over early albums by some labels as well (Motown, for example, was notorious for putting 2-3 hits on a record and then forcing their artists to record 8-10 more songs no matter what…)

Then there are artists where the only reason to own the albums is if you are a super fan. Sometimes I’ll start out reviewing each album for an artist and then realize it’s best to find a comprehensive collection to weed out the gunk. Or, I may start with a compilation and realize the deep cuts are decent so I’ll go for the albums. Who knows; this is fluid. It’s all about the library.

Also, everyone is now coming out with bonus tracks, deluxe, super-deluxe, etc. I’m going to review just the base album, and commenting perhaps on the deluxe issue. Also, some of the deluxe material I may exile even for A+ albums. There’s a reason some of these things were out-takes, you know!

So let’s get on with it!

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