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Ambrosia – Anthology

ARTIST: Ambrosia ambrosia

TITLE:  Anthology

YEAR RELEASED: Compilation


SINGLES: Holdin’ On to Yesterday (#17), Nice, Nice, Very Nice (#63), How Much I Feel (#3), Life Beyond LA, Biggest Part of Me (#3), You’re the Only Woman (You & I) (#13),

OTHER SONGS YOU MAY KNOW:  That’s probably nugatory there, good buddy.

LINEUP: David Pack, Christopher North, Joe Puerta, Burleigh Drummond

WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: Yacht rock quartet’s anthology shows their pretensions and their insidious talent for earworms.

SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: Ambrosia released five albums in their initial heyday. Two of them stiffed with no hits, and of the other three, you basically know the highlights and the reason people bought them.

They were always trying to mix prog rock with mellow LA sounds, which caused their music to be kind of unnecessarily busy at first. Their harmonies were always spot on, so their three later hits are ones that take full advantage of that, and not their progressive pretentions.

This collection has everything and more that’d you’d ever need. One song is kinda racist and I exiled it, and they have three new songs they appended here that are, well, not good and the 90’s drum sounds really sound out of place. Why didn’t they find two or three other cuts, or just release a 12 song anthology? I don’t think anyone would really give a rats patoot.

NOTES & MINUTIAE: They’re still out there touring. Pack has left but the other three added three other guys and they’re coming to a casino near you.

IS THERE A DELUXE VERSION: No. There are other compilations. Just make sure all the above singles are on it, and you’re golden.

GRADE: C+. The good stuff is great earworm material, and probably the definition of yacht rock. Their rock and prog pretentions aren’t so great and the newish stuff…why?