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Better Than Ezra – Greatest Hits

ARTIST: Better Than Ezra                      220px-BetterThanEzraGreatestHits

TITLE: Greatest Hits

YEAR RELEASED: Compilation


SINGLES: Charting: Good (#30 US, #1 Modern, #3 Mainstream,  #108 UK), In the Blood (#48 US, #4 Modern, #6 Mainstream), Rosealia (#71 US, #24 Modern), King of New Orleans (#62 US, #5 Modern, #7 Mainstream), Desperately Wanting (#48 US, #11 Modern, #10 Mainstream), One More Murder (#32 Modern), At the Stars (#78 US, #17 Modern), Extra Ordinary (#35 Modern)

OTHER SONGS YOU MAY KNOW: They cover “Laid” by James.

LINEUP: Kevin Griffin, Tom Drummond. Cary Bonnecaze and Travis McNabb were on druims.

WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: Is this the most generic 90’s rock band?

SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: “Good” was a good modern radio track in the 90’s, and was different enough to make it stand out from the Nirvana / Pearl Jam wanna-be pack. Yet…

While not being clones of both of those bands, as you listen to this collection, you realize that “Good” was an anomaly, and most of the rest of their material is just generic 90’s rock with all the 90’s rock tricks. I mean, there’s nothing WRONG with it, and I’m putting it in my catalog since it’s decent enough, but it’s just average.

At times, they sound just like The Gin Blossoms, which if you want to know the truth, is kind of the kiss of mediocrity.

NOTES & MINUTIAE: This collection covers their first four major studio albums and their self-released rarities and oddities collection.


GRADE: C+:  Up a tick for “Good”, down a skosh for a pointless cover of “Laid” (they sound like a very good bar band covering it…)