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Boss Hog – Boss Hog

ARTIST: Boss Hog  220px-Boss_Hog_album
TITLE: Boss Hog
CHART ACTION: None-a-ree-no
SINGLES: I Dig You, Winn Coma
OTHER SONGS YOU MAY KNOW: Maybe the weird Jon Spencer or Pussy Galore completist has this.
LINEUP: Jon Spencer, Cristina Martinez, Jens Jurgensen, Hollis Queens
WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: Former Pussy Galore members side project gets a major label (!) release and make a solid, albiet noisy, record. The world wasn’t ready for it still.

SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: Any project that combines two or more member of the infamous NYC noise band Pussy Galore is going to be unpredictable. Spencer and Martinez married shortly before Pussy Galore went belly up amidst in-fighting, and they released a few EPs and a rare album (most of them featuring Martinez in the nude on the covers – and they were obscure so I’m not surprised there out of streaming commission) before grabbing the brass ring for this album on Geffen.

The music had been becoming a bit tamer and not noisy for noise sake and here the noise and the songs are pretty much in harmony. It’s not exactly perfect, nowhere close to mainstream, but could have fit right into the alternative scene of the time, especially marketing them somehow in conjunction with the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Well, I guess not.

This is pretty successful and all-in-all a fun listen, especially if you know some of the backstory and where this band emerged from (the art damaged pits of DC and NYC). There are some noisy experiments, but there are other experiments as well.

NOTES & MINUTIAE: Geffen originally signed them for five (count ‘em) records, but this was the only one released .They didn’t release another one until 2000 because of that contract.


GRADE: B-: It could be a lot worse, but it actually turned out OK. Not everything clicks but songs like “Punkture” maybe could have been on an adventurous radio station.