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Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose – The Story of Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose

ARTIST: Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose R-3057605-1313699122.jpeg

TITLE: The Story of Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose

YEAR RELEASED: Compilation


SINGLES: Charting: Treat Her Like a Lady (#3, #20 R&B), Too Late to Turn Back Now (#2, #5 R&B), I’m Never Gonna Be Alone Anymore (#37, #43 R&B), Don’t Ever Be Lonely (#23, #28 R&B), Let Me Down Easy (#96), I Just Can’t Stop Loving You (#104, #79 R&B), Big Time Lover (#88 R&B), Since I Found My Baby (#59 R&B)


LINEUP: Carter Cornelius, Eddie Cornelius, Rose Cornelius. Billie Jo Cornelius joined in 1972. Session musicians did the playing.

WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: Classic vocal-pop style soul that specialized in family vocal harmonies and softer songs (except for their first hit).

SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: Stomping out of the gate with 1971’s “Treat Her Like a Lady”, Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose (soon to add another sister), this Miami-based family band of singers had a nice chart run until 1973, and unlike their first hit they were smooth, mellow, and backed with copious strings and horns.

The songs and the arrangements were winners, though. Eddie Cornelius wrote the songs and Rose arranged the vocals. Yet their second album stiffed, and they quietly went away and broke up in 1976 when brother Carter joined a black Hebrew sect.

Unlike a lot of flash-in-the-pan groups with one or two hits, this record is solid from beginning to end. Sure some of the songs are derivative of each other, but there’s something there that elevates the lesser tracks away from filler status. For a brief time, this family was the sound of soul vocal pop.

NOTES & MINUTIAE: Sister Rose was part of the Gospel Jazz Singers and went on Ed Sullivan.


 GRADE B+: A solid album for fans of “Too Late to Turn Back Now