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The Bay City Rollers – The Bay City Rollers: The Definitive Collection

ARTIST: Bay City Rollers bay city rollers
TITLE: Bay City Rollers: The Definitive Collection
YEAR RELEASED: Compilation
CHART ACTION: None. US Album Bay City Rollers (#20), Dedication (#26), It’s a Game (#23), Elevator. UK Albums: Rollin’ (#1), Once Upon a Star (#1), Wouldn’t You Like It (#3), Dedication (#4), It’s a Game (#18), Elevator.
SINGLES: Top 10 Hits: Keep on Dancing (#9 UK), Remember (Sha La La) (#6 UK), Shang-A-Lang (#2 UK), Summerlove Sensation (#3 UK), All of Me Loves All of You (#4 UK), Bye Bye Baby (#1 UK), Give a Little Love (#1 UK), Love Me Like I Love You (#4 UK), Saturday Night (#1 US), Money Honey (#3 UK, #9 US), I Only Want to Be with You (#4 UK, #12 UK), You Made Me Believe in Magic (#34 UK, #10 US)
OTHER SONGS YOU MAY KNOW: Oh, if you were a tween girl in the 70’s you may have heard the rest.
LINEUP: The “Classic Lineup”: Eric Faulkner, Stuart “Woody” Wood, Les McKeown, Alan Longmuir, Derek Longmuir
WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: Gonna see the Rollers. Got a ticket for the Bay City Rollers. And everything will be outta sight, when Eric strums his Strat at the Rollers show tonight.

SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: Well, they’re almost all catchy on this collection. To spare us all of parsing the details of each and every Bay City Rollers album (not to mention the fact that only a few were the same in the US and UK, thanks to us being a couple years behind the phenomenon over here), I chose this collection because – it’s 20 songs.

That’s still too many.

This is pure bubble gum glop. A little is fine – a lot rots you. Also, like bubble gum you there’s a lot of flavors you don’t want. I listened to a couple of album tracks. Don’t. Go. There.

Those who are nostalgic for Rollermania, or campy, kitschy 70’s music, pick this up and choose your favorites. Usually, they’re the big hits, but my favorite is “Rock and Roll Love Letter” (#31 US, #1 Canada!) which has the infamous lines: “ ‘Cause I see an ancient rhythm / in a man’s genetic code / Gonna keep on rock and rollin’ / till my genes explode.”


NOTES & MINUTIAE: This freakin’ band started in the 60’s (1966) and first had a hit in 1971 with an awful cover of the Gentry’s “Keep on Dancing”.


GRADE: C: I can’t give it worse than this, there’s some good stuff, OK fun stuff, not ‘good’ as in ‘musically and artistically well conceived and performed’. But there’s crud here, too. Glop city, man.