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DJ Khaled – We the Best

ARTIST: DJ Khaled                         220px-We_the_Best

TITLE:  We the Best


CHART ACTION: #8, #2 R&B, #2 Rap

SINGLES: We Takin’ Over (#28, #26 R&B, #11 Rap), I’m So Hood (#19, #9 R&B, #5 Rap)

OTHER SONGS YOU MAY KNOW: Don’t know how much else was on the radio

LINEUP: DJ Khaled and Rick Ross, Akon, TI, Fat Joe, Lil’ Wayne, Young Jeezy, Dre, and I could go on and on

WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: Second project under his name finds DJ Khaled with lots of guests and not much focus at times.

SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: DJ Khaled is successful as a producer, both critically and commercially, and in his solo work he brings together many of his friends in the business to rhyme with him over his beats.

Sometimes, it works. Sometimes, it doesn’t. This, his second album, finds Khaled trying, too hard at times, to establish his street credentials. That and the use of geography (New York, Dade County, really, which one to you rep?) and catch phrases doesn’t tie it together but rather makes it a bit all over the place.

Yes, there are hits, but I didn’t find this compelling, and he’d do better later.

NOTES & MINUTIAE: His debut album, Listennn…the Album, is nowhere to be found online.


GRADE: C+:  You may find the singles interesting, but I didn’t hear much that made me want to keep this around. Exiled.