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Drowning Pool – Sinner

ARTIST: Drowning Pool 220px-DrowningpoolsinnerAP
TITLE: Sinner
SINGLES: Bodies (#119 US, #12 US Alternative, #6 US Mainstream, #34 UK), Sinner (#36 Alternative. #28 Mainstream), Tear Away (#37 Alternative, #18 Mainstream, #65 UK)
OTHER SONGS YOU MAY KNOW: Those were all the ‘rasslin’ songs
LINEUP: Dave Williams, Mike Luce, CJ Pierce, Stevie Benton
WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: Metal band (I’m not going into the freakin’ sub-genres here – they’re basically metal and that’s all there is to it) releases a surprising debut containing an iconic song. Then tragedy struck.

SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: You may not know the name, but you probably know “Bodies” as in “Let the bodies hit the floor!” That was used by wrestlers, torturers, and meme makers (the funniest one is with Benny Hinn, the ol’ trapezoid headed evangelist). I walked into this one thinking nothing else would hold up, since the mainstream-nu-whateveryacallit metal scene in the early 2000’s was kind of derivative and lame.

Well, I was wrong. This isn’t a perfect album, and some songs are lesser than others, but this has crunch and bit and riffs AND melodies. Williams can both scream and sing, and the others in the band are metal to the core without being showy and can play at slower and gentler tempos without if feeling fake or forced.

I can see why the ‘rasslers loved it. That fan base propelled this album to the charts and made them up-and-coming stars. Then, after a show in Indianapolis during Ozzfest, Williams was found dead in the tour bus due to heart disease. That’s not a rock-and-roll death; that’s a crappy death to die for someone so young.

NOTES & MINUTIAE: I say torturers because the US Government used “Bodies” during “enhanced interrogations” (torture) in Guantanamo. Sigh.


GRADE: A-: This will teach me to pre-judge a band, right? This is great metal. However, with the revolving door of vocalists I’m going to take this band record by record.