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Jigsaw – Anthology

ARTIST: Jigsaw 81SOVHLwHLL._SL1425_
TITLE: Anthology
YEAR RELEASED: Compilation
SINGLES: These charted: Sky High (#3 US, #9 UK), Love Fire (#30 US), Brand New Love Affair (#66 US), If I Have to Go Away (#93 US, #36 UK)
LINEUP: Des Dyer, Clive Scott, Barrie Bernard, Tony Campbell.
WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: Close to one hit wonder in the US and UK have a 24 (count ‘em) track Anthology, mainly because they were big in Japan.

SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: “You (you you you) / You’ve blown it all sky high / By telling me a lie / Without a reason why / You’ve blown it all sky high”. That’s all anyone remembers, and, well, for the most part that’s all anyone will remember.

For a band that used to be ‘wild’ on stage they certainly were tame when they tried to make it big. This is all so 70’s, and I swear a lot of the songs have those same horn charts that they used in “Sky High”. The melodies are all borrowed from each other. The lyrics are, well, just as inane as the ones for “Sky High”. They obviously didn’t study complex rhyming schemes in school.

They also wrote “Who Do You Think You Are” which was a minor hit for Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods.

This album is a minefield. One track good, and then next, uggggh. However, there’s enough pleasant kinda-sorta-Euro Disco songs with strings and horns that you can pick and choose.

NOTES & MINUTIAE: In an oddity, especially for a pop group like this, drummer Des Dyer was the lead vocalist. Also, they recorded a record in LA called “Journey Into Space” that was never released. I wonder what happened there.

IS THERE A DELUXE VERSION: No. I mean, there’s 24 tracks here. Their albums were sometimes released here, sometimes released in the UK. But in Japan – always. Always in Japan.

GRADE: C-: You may not know any of these songs save one, but you’ve heard them all before. Unfortunate, but true.