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Lynch Mob – Wicked Sensation

ARTIST: Lynch Mob                       220px-lynchmob_wicked

TITLE:  Wicked Sensation



SINGLES: River of Love (#19 Mainstream), Wicked Sensation (#31 Mainstream)

OTHER SONGS YOU MAY KNOW: Probably that’s a big fat no.

LINEUP: Oni Logan, George Lynch, Anthony Esposito, Mick Brown

WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: Former Dokken axe-man grabs the drummer, forms a band, and it’s actually an improvement over Dokken for the most part!

SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: I always felt that George Lynch was sometimes buried in Dokken. The mediocre hair-metallers had a guitarist that could really wail, and it didn’t seem they used him to the fullest potential. When Lynch formed his own band, he was able to show what he could do leading a band.

The result – well it’s not going to win any songwriting contests. Lead singer Oni Logan’s lyrics are hackneyed most of the time, but Lynch’s riffs, fills and solos are worthwhile most of the time. It’s kind of an overlooked album, maybe due to the lack of a real hooky single that would have driven pop radio play. Alas.

As the record goes on, the songwriting limitations become more noticeable. It’s a decent effort, though, and much better than you’d expect except if you knew what Lynch was capable of.

NOTES & MINUTIAE: After their first tour, Lynch sacked Logan, for substance abuse I guess. Hard to say.


GRADE: B-:  Great guitar, meh songs. Lynch is worth the listen, though.