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Meghan Rose – In Your Bones

ARTIST: Meghan Rose                      inyourbones

TITLE:  In Your Bones




OTHER SONGS YOU MAY KNOW: Her Madison homies sing along!

LINEUP: Meghan Rose, Jake Ripp-Dieter, Emily Mills

WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: Mutli-band leader from Madison (and now NYC) records a solo album that melds the styles of her two band projects into a singular voice.

SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: Meghan Rose has been a busy musician for the past several years in Madison. Little Red Wolf, a quartet, is a thoughtful, adult alternative group that has two albums under their belt. Her bandmate in that band, Emily Mills, formed Damsel Trash with Rose that allows Rose to shred her vocal chords.

So when the opportunity came to make a solo album, she took her partner and Mills into a studio and cranked out some tunes that range from rock to some gentle musings on life, love and the normal adult stuff that happens between people.

Musically, the album starts strong and muscular, but as the time goes on, the songs slow and soften and the arrangements go from more guitar oriented, to using piano, cello and other softer instruments. Vocally, Rose has several influences, but the most striking is that when she harmonizes its very reminiscent of Anna Waronker and Petra Haden in that dog.

NOTES & MINUTIAE: Rose moved to New York as the play she scored, Held: A Musical Fantasy (co-created with Kelly Maxwell from LRW) is in the NYC Fringe Festival this year.


GRADE: A-: You shouldn’t sleep on local artists just because they’re not signed to a major and play in clubs that seat 50 that you’ve never heard of, because you’ll miss out on some records like this. Check this out.