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The Zutons – Who Killed…the Zutons

ARTIST: The Zutons 220px-Who_Killed_The_Zutons

TITLE:  Who Killed…the Zutons


CHART ACTION: #34 US Heatseekers, #6 UK

SINGLES: Pressure Point (#29 US Alternative, #19 UK), You Will You Won’t (#22 UK), Remember Me (#39 UK), Don’t Ever Think (Too Much) (#15 UK), Confusion (#37 UK)


LINEUP: Dave McCabe, Russell Pritchard, Sean Payne, Abi Harding, Boyan Chowdhury

WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: UK indie rock band’s debut has some catchy, if not lightweight songs that gave them a fanbase in UK and a slight bit of traction over here.

 SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: Over in Liverpool, in the early 2000’s, some bands emerged again that were part of a friendly scene, and one of those bands were the Zutons. Fellow scenesters The Coral got them signed, and their debut album featured five Top 40 UK singles.

It’s a decent indie rock album, diverse in its sound but usually traditional in execution. What puts them apart are Harding’ sax embellishment. While she’s no Coltrane, her simplistic accents add a bit of color to the songs so they sound a bit different than the others.

The Zutons were just as good or better than a lot of US bands that were popular during this time but they got little traction over here. This is not to say this album is a must have, but it was good enough that they should have gotten a bit more notice

NOTES & MINUTIAE: Harding wasn’t part of the band originally, but came on stage during sets to play a few notes and sing, and fans loved her so she joined full time.

IS THERE A DELUXE VERSION: An appended single and a few alternate mixes.

GRADE: B: It’s decent, competent indie rock. Worse bands and albums have hit it big.