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White Zombie – Let Sleeping Corpses Lie

ARTIST: White Zombie 220px-White_Zombie_Let_Sleeping_Corpses_Lie
TITLE: Let Them Die Slowly
YEAR RELEASED: Compilation
OTHER SONGS YOU MAY KNOW: The entire compilation has their two famous albums (their third and fourth) in its entirety, but I’m reviewing everything NOT on those (or their second album, which is contained in full too) – that includes soundtrack songs, EPs (four) and their first album. The reason is that these releases never have been on CD before this compilation, and only on very hard to find vinyl or cassette.
LINEUP: Rob Zombie, Sean Yseult. Most tracks have Ivan de Prume on White_Zombie_Gods_on_Voodoo_Moon_1drums. They went through guitarists like Spinal Tap did drummers, but Tom Guay is the guitarist the plurality of the early tracks.
WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: Compiling the early material and odds and ends for what would become one of the great metal bands of the early 90’s. They evolved quite a bit.

SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: White Zombie was a real heavy band in the 90’s. They got there slowly but 220px-White_Zombie_Pig_Heaven_1surely. Their first recorded efforts were nothing more than Rob Zombie shouting lyrics over guitar and bass runs. There wasn’t anything remarkable about them at all. Some of the riffs were ok, but Zombie’s voice at the time was high pitched and somewhat whiny, not scary at all.

By 1987’s Psycho Head Blowout, they improved quite a bit musically (Yseult and dePrume made a great rhythm section and Guay’s guitar work was praised by many) and that covered up Zombie’s limitations as a front man (White_Zombie_Psycho_Head_Blowout_1though he was getting better). But they still couldn’t find anyone to record them worth a damn – this is what happens when you have no money. The songs also blur together, probably because of the lack of production values.

Soul-Crusher sounds a bit better, and it’s moving more towards metal with some definite extreme bands (like the Butthole Surfers and Flipper) thrown in on the low end. It was a holy racket. What they’d need is equipment (the band basically said they had che220px-White_Zombie_Soul_Crusher_1ap, poor quality amps and gear) and they could then move to be the band everyone knows. That would take a major label deal, which they got after the God of Thunder EP.

Enter at your own risk – tolerance for noise, poor production and deranged whiny yowling amidst the riffs and solid bass and drum work required.
NOTES & MINUTIAE: The releases are:
Gods on Voodoo Moon (1985 EP)
Pig Heaven (1986 Single)220px-White_Zombie_God_of_Thunder_1
Psycho Head Blowout (1987 EP)
Soul-Crusher (1987 LP)
God of Thunder (1989 EP)
Various Soundtrack cuts


GRADE: C: You really need to pick and choose what you like, and deal with flat, muddy recording on the early stuff. I exiled a bunch.