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Wizzard – Wizzard’s Brew

ARTIST: Wizzard          220px-Wizzard_Brew

TITLE:  Wizzard’s Brew



SINGLES: None on the album itself, singles on the deluxe issue.


LINEUP: Roy Wood, Rick Price, Bill Hunt, Hugh McDowell, Nick Pentelow, Mike Burney, Keith Smart, Charlie Grima

WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: Debut album for wild, out-of-control glam band fronted by former ELO and Move leader Roy Wood. It doesn’t translate well.  220px-Wizzard's_Brew

SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: Wizzard had six Top 10 singles in the UK from 1972 through 1974. None made an impression here in the US, and there’s a good reason for that: they’re noisy and cluttery and just not good.

The album itself was even worse. Wood left ELO during the sessions for ELO’s second album, taking Price (who was briefly in the band) and McDowell with him and created a band that was a glam version in the style of his ELO compositions, but adding some of the noise that the Move had. They also had a very unique look and concert style. But on album, they were indulgent, unfocused, and loud – and not in a good way.

This is just painful to listen to. Some UK glam people probably dig it. As for me, no, and you should just stay away.

NOTES & MINUTIAE: The reason it’s so loud is that Wood used ring modulation on the instruments, and that made them sound, well, loud.

IS THERE A DELUXE VERSION: Yes with their first four hit singles.

GRADE: D:  I knew they had UK hits that didn’t translate. I wanted to know why. I know now.